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Fake a Vacation in these Flirty Swimsuits

Fake a Vacation in these Flirty Swimsuits

They say half the fun of a trip is planning it.  The excitement you have just thinking about what you’ll see and do can be as entertaining as the actual experience. So don’t let your current lack of travel bum you out.

Fake a vacation in these flirty swimsuits

Plan your perfect vacation—down to the post-pool gelato and origami towels—and turn it into an equally relaxing staycation.  

Lace up solid Swimsuit aqua

One way to make it feel like the real deal? Spend half your time in a bikini! Don’t live in the Sunshine State—or any other warm locale?

Make the bikini a one-piece, crank up the heat and get the fireplace crackling. So what swimsuits should be on your mock packing list?

1. Classic One-Piece

The beautiful blue hue is giving us all the ocean vibe feels! Plus, the bright color brightens our complexion for the illusion of a sunkissed glow.

The timeless look is always in style, so you can wear it for your staycation now and getaways in your future.

Lace-Up Solid Bikini

Lace-Up Solid Bikini


2. Playful Bikini:

push up bikini set

Give us color, give us pattern, give us flair! We love this fun, flirty bikini styled with ruffles, lace and contrasting string bikini bottoms.

A great way to spice up the mundane, wearing this bikini will bring back memories (and the best gossip) from your last girls’ trip. Now grab a tabloid magazine and get lounging!


Brazilian GoddessWild Side, Yacht Daypush up bikini set


3. Mesh Crop Top Bikini:

mesh crop top bikini

Even if it’s just a bubble bath and not a real hot tub, you’ll feel totally hot in this black mesh bikini. After you dry off from your sudsy soak (with booze, of course), wear the set (with some cover-up bottoms) to a little at-home dance party with you playing the role of best DJ ever!

Now how good does it feel to shed those sweats and show off your sexy side again?



Mesh Crop Top BikiniMesh Crop Top Bikini


4. Showy Swimsuit:

Secretly desired one of those overtly bangin’ swimsuits but you’ve been afraid of showing *that* much skin in public? Now is the perfect time to test-drive the look.

Keep dreaming luxury swimsuit

keep dreaming one piece swimwear


Flaunting a different—and more revealing—style can be intimating—but it can also be rewarding. We find our littlest bikinis and sexiest one-pieces to be some of the most freeing and fun swimsuits to wear.

Swimwear has come a long way in the last several decades, and we’re happy the evolution allows us to really show off our beautiful bodies.

Yes, you deserve this!


Keep Dreaming One Piece Swimsuit



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