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How to Find Your Best Swimsuit

How to Find  Your Best Swimsuit

So many swimsuits, so little time! Popstry is chock full of hot bikinis and chic one-piece swimsuits. But if shopping for a swimsuit online has you shaking with sweaty palms, have no fear. We’re here to help you find the perfect style—made just for you!

How to find your best Swimsuit
  1. Identify Your Activity

When shopping for a swimsuit, think of what you’re buying it for. Do you want something cute you can show off or does it have a more practical purpose—say nannying for someone else’s vacation or exercising in the thick straps, a little more coverage and a design that fits taut but not tight. May we suggest our Zip Me Up Swimsuit?

With wide shoulder straps and an adjustable zip-up front, this style is both sexy and smart.

Zip Me Up Style

Zip Me Up style swimwear
  1. Determine Your Destination

Will this swimsuit be spotted at your backyard pool or a resort beach? While you can wear anything at your own pool and nearly anything at a faraway beach, it’s a good idea to match the vibe—a tip for looking that much more stylish and in-the-fashion-know.

We love tropical prints for a getaway surrounded by palm trees and something trendy but understated for a local beach or pool club. Going on a Miami vacation with a new beau? Have you seen our sizzling Greek Queen Swimsuit?

Greek Queen Swimsuit

Greek Queen Swimsuit

  1. Figure Out What Flatters You

Let internet style gurus guide you on this one—or turn to your closet for help. There are plenty of tricks you can employ to find something that looks fabulous on your body. Swimwear measurements

Love your legs but feel less confident about your stomach? 

Try high-waisted bikini bottoms with a high-leg cut. Want to lengthen your torso? Vertical stripes create an elongating effect—and they’re timeless. Want to emphasize your chest? We vote for a bikini top with ample padding and sparkling embellishments to bring extra attention to the area.

If you’re still feeling lost on what would look good on you, pull out favorites from your everyday wardrobe and find patterns. Maybe you have a few flattering sweaters in a cool-tone pastel—that’s an indication that the color is a match.

If you feel good in cutouts, find that detail in a one-piece. And if all else fails, buy something universal. This beautiful bathing suit is designed in a retro-inspired silhouette with slimming ruching detail. So chic!

Square Neckline Swimsuit

Square Neckline one piece swimsuit

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