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4 Ways to Wear Swimwear out of the Water

4 Ways to Wear Swimwear out of the Water

If the only swimming you’re doing right now is in your dreams, remember there will be a time in the near future when you can collect shells, listen to the crash of waves and parade around paradise in a sexy bikini. Until those days return, know that your swimwear shopping addiction is not for naught.

4 ways to wear swimwear out of the water

Beachwear can be a lot more versatile than you think. So, if you come across a Popstry swimsuit that’s totally irresistible, go ahead and get treat yourself! We promise it won’t just sit in your closet. Here are some ways we’re currently wearing our favorites.

1. As a bodysuit

zip up one piece swimwear

That whole bodysuit trend? Super sexy, and frankly, pretty damn smart. A bodysuit enables you to tuck your top into jeans or a skirt without bulkiness or bulging. In turn, you score a sleek, streamlined look that’s flattering and fashionable. What’s more, you don’t actually need a top labeled “bodysuit” to get the look. A one-piece swimsuit is designed exactly the same way! Take yours off the sand and wear it with skinny jeans and tall boots for a dinner date.

A fabulous choice to achieve the look?

Zip Me Up One PieceZip Me Up One Piece

2. As workout gear

    out at sea gold chain bikini


    Popstry’s sizzling bikinis deserve to be flaunted. If you need extra chances to wear yours, let it double as athletic attire.

    Most of our bikinis are made from stretchy, supportive fabric that holds you in during stretching or lifting.

    Plus, a lot of our styles are fully lined and even padded.

    out at sea gold chain bikini

    A swimsuit with a sports bra-styled top is perfect for physical activity—whether you’re hula hooping for light cardio, preforming beach yoga or practicing heart-healthy pool aerobics.

    This fuller-coverage top works perfectly as a bralette. And the gleaming chain detail? Well that’s just the cherry on top.


    3. As a crop top

    blue push up bikini

    Just when we thought crop tops had disappeared from the runway spotlight, they made a comeback as even teensy tops.  Popularized by Katie Holmes who made the look next-level with her cashmere "bra" and matching cardi sighting, crop tops now look like—you guessed it—bikini top!  

    We love the style poolside, but we're also donning ours for weekend outings under a tailored blazer or button-front sweater.

    This fun frilly one subs in perfectly for a stomach-baring blouse.

    Yacht DayBrazilian Goddess, Wild Side
    Up Bikini

    green push up bikini


    4. For thirst trap photos

    sheer long sleeve bikini


    Okay—so we’re kind of kidding here. But just because you’re not snorkeling in the Bahamas, doesn’t mean you can’t get into a bikini for a feel-good photo shoot. Body positivity, baby!

    And if you happen to post said photos to Instagram and gain hundreds of followers, well that’s just a happy little benefit of feeling awesome in your new purchase.

    Sheer Off-the-Shoulder Bikini 

    off the shoulder sheer bikini


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