5 Popular Bust-Friendly Bikinis For A Perfect Tropical Vacation

5 Popular Bust-Friendly Bikinis

For A Perfect Tropical Vacation

5 Popular Bust-Friendly Bikinis 

For A Perfect Tropical Vacation

By Popstry - May 16, 2020

Girls or women with perfect or not so perfect bodies love wearing bikini, especially when sun’s rays fall on earth with full force. It is that time of the year when beaches call out to the people to step outside, get near the water bodies and soak their bodies in the glory of sun. After all, you would love getting a tanned, bronze, god like skin, right? 

However, as women don’t leave any stones unturned when it comes to fashion in their every day clothing, why would they leave an important thing like bikinis behind? As everybody is different, so are the needs of the women. If you are someone who has a busty figure, surely you would be looking for options that perfectly accentuate your figure and offers optimum coverage. 

To help you in your bikini search, listed below are top 5 picks that you would surely love.

  1.Overall High Waist Bikini

Are you in search of something fun and stylish for your next tropical vacation? Then you will particularly like Overall High Waist Bikini that is designed with overall straps and a two-tone striped bottom, giving a creative, quirky and ultra-flirty take on a railroad engineer uniform. Brilliantly mixing solids and prints, the bikini has a tie at back with high-waist briefs. If you wish, you can also mix and match it with other bikinis to create your own style statement.

  2. Buckle Bikini

Buckle BikiniAnother bust friendly bikini, Buckle Bikini is perfect when you aim to increase your confidence level and look extremely beautiful. The plunging halter top and super low-rise bottoms with a cheeky Brazilian backside are perfect to be worn for a pool or beach party. Choose from blue, red, black and mustard color and you will surely look highly striking in a color that compliments your complexion.

Buckle Bikini - Popstry

  3. Solid & Floral Print Bikini

Solid & Floral Print BikiniWhen in a tropical location, it makes complete sense to flaunt your beauty in something that has floral prints on it. This Solid & Floral Print Bikini is perfect for one such location, suiting perfectly to different body shapes. The mix and match pieces, a solid bikini top and a floral-print bottom, this bikini is designed with a lightly padded bra in blue, pale pink or burgundy that plays nicely with the tones of the pretty hibiscus flowers on the Brazilian-cut bottoms.

  4. Camo String Bikini 

Camo String BikiniWant to bring out your stronger personality while enjoying your vacation on stunning beaches? Halter tops and adjustable string bottoms with camo print, framed in hot pink color, will surely bring out your distinctive personality and style that is second to none. The bikini will give complete support to your body, making it look highly accentuating and note worthy.

  5 .Crochet Tasseled 3-Piece Bikini 

As you are already so choosy about the type of bikini you wish to be spotted in, wouldn’t it be better if you are in something that is celebrity inspired? Crochet Tasseled 3-Piece Bikini is the answer to your wishes. This trend setting bikini in brown color and crochet pattern lends a bohemian feel to the design made for the young, wild and free.

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