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Quiz: What’s Your Swimsuit Style?

Quiz: What’s Your Swimsuit Style?

What's Your


You're a true Elle Woods.

Your hobbies and fashion sense lean sporty.

Quiz: What’s Your Swimsuit Style?

Overwhelmed by how many options there are? Grab a pen and paper to find your ideal swimsuit match with our style quiz! 

1. If you could only paint your nails one color all summer it would be… 

     A. Pink…with glitter! 
     B. Bright red 
     C. Greige 
     D. Color? It’s all about the nail art, baby! Acrylics with crystals, please. 

2. You can find me at the beach… 

     A. Scoping out the hotties 

     B. Enjoying a mystery novel under the shade of a big umbrella 

     C. Stand-up paddle boarding 

     D. Getting the party started by blasting my speakers and dancing

3. What does your beach towel look like?

     A. It matches my swimsuit, of course 

     B. It’s a brand name

     C. It’s camo

     D. It’s bright, printed and can be spotted from the boardwalk

4. What’s your summer footwear of choice?

     A. I wear ballet flats year-round

     B. Ankle-tie espadrilles

     C. 90s-style slides

     D. Heeled gladiator sandals

5. Your favorite summer/vacation movie is…

     A. Grease

     B. Beach Blanket Bingo

     C. Blue Crush

     D. Spring Breakers

6. A beach picnic isn’t complete without…

     A. Strawberries and whipped cream

     B. A cute basket to carry the food and silverware

     C. Frisbee

     D. Canned wine

7. This year, you would love to visit…

     A. Paris

     B. Rome

     C. Hawaii

     D. Macau

8. You never leave the house without…

     A. Lip gloss

     B. Cat-eye glasses

     C. Your yoga mat

     D. Major bling

9. The best kind of cover-up…

     A. Doubles as a dress

     B. Keeps you dry and chic

     C. Is a pair of pull-on shorts

     D. Is long and see-through

10. The ice truck is here! What are you ordering?

     A. A strawberry shortcake bar

     B. A vanilla cone

     C. A popsicle

     D. A banana split with extra whip and cherries


If you circled the most A's—Your style is pretty and femme. You’re a true Elle Woods and adore glitter and the color pink. You’ll obsess over this bikini with a cardigan-style buttoned top, bows and ruffle trim.  

If you circled the most B's—You prefer something classic and understated. Our belted one-piece will look lovely on you now and ten years from now.

If you circled the most C's—Your hobbies and fashion sense lean sporty. You want something cool that you can move in. Our crop top style features stripes on the shoulders and a zipper down the front.

If you circled the most Ds—You’re a little daredevil. When it comes to a suit, you want something bold, on-trend and audacious. Our barely-there crochet style will definitely wow. 

Drop us a comment below and tell us what's your style?

You're something classic and understated.

You’re a little daredevil.

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