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COVID-19 Product and Delivery Updates

COVID-19 Product and Delivery Updates

COVID-19 Product & Delivery Updates

Delivery Update May 25, 2020

Shipping within the US was taking a long delivery time due to the limited airline resources which prioritized essential items. We are truly sorry that it caused trouble for you. Airport has gradually returned to normal, US shipping time is also getting faster compared to the last few weeks.8 - 15 days will be the average delivery time from today, and we will try our best to get it back to 5 - 8 days delivery time within a month. Increased shipping fees which we've endured will be reduced from today until the shipping fee is back to normal.  This by no means affect our Free Shipping rate, but it does help us tremendously as we can begin increasing support for our service.

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Our current Estimated Shipping due to delays caused by  coronavirus: 

AU, UK, Germany: 7-12 days 
United States: 8-15 days
Canada: Currently: Unvailable

Delivery Update May 19, 2020

The Coronavirus effect is getting worse, flight resource has become a huge problem recently. US cargoes are being held longer in customs, 2 weeks waiting at the airport is the current timeline before they can fly in and out of the US. That makes the whole delivery time longer, the current US delivery time is now 20-30 days. 

Canada Post will not accept any new packages from 25th May because of too many awaiting delivery packages.So we have to disable orders from Canada starting today.  It will be available again when Canada Post is back to normal, we will keep you updated. Express Shipping to AU, UK, and Germany is 7-12 days delivery time. 

Please feel free to contact us when you have any questions. 

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COVID-19 Product & Delivery Updates

Hello Valued Customers,

As you know, we keep it real at Popstry.  There’s a few temporary changes to supply chains due to COVID-19.  As a brand, we know that a lack of transparency with customers have ruined many e-commerce stores, so we’re giving full transparency to you so that our valued customers stay happy. 

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many airlines have temporarily limited the number of commercial flights, keeping public health and safety at the forefront. Because of this, supply and demand has raised shipping prices due to the lack of supply of shipping options.

There are also many different types of shipping methods, one of which we use for our regular shipping option. The current delay on broad-scale shipping is 30+ days, while suppliers are raising prices 40% and above to compensate for this limited commercial airline space. Popstry is not experiencing this level of hardship because of the platform we’ve built and superior suppliers we work with. While there will be a temporary increase in price, it will only be marginal and we will be absorbing these price changes so that it may not affect your experience with us.  

Our increase in delay and/or price will be lower than any competitors in the market. Freight shipping vs commercial airlines is not an option that many others have. While our store will remain healthy, many of our competitors will have 60+ day shipping times. We will not!

Please understand that these delays are only temporary due to COVID-19. We still have faster shipping times, more transparency, and better support than many other brands out there.

While we all face these hardships together, we hope this brings our community closer as we continue to find you the best solutions the market can currently provide. You’ll be the first to know when we have new updates regarding world health or supply chain management, and you can reach out anytime to customerservice@popstry.com if you have any questions! 

Our current Estimated Shipping due to delays caused by coronavirus:  

International: 25-35 days 
Express Shipping to US: 10-18 days

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